The Best Dog Foods For A Healthy Dog

Feeding your dog shouldn’t be hard, right? With so many choices out there, knowing what is the best food for dogs is becoming more and more difficult. Do you feed your dog kibble only? What about canned food? A mixture of dry food and wet food? Can you feed a puppy the same food as an adult dog?

With so many choices of dog food on the market today, it can be overwhelming, however, there are some key considerations that any responsible owner should give careful thought before purchasing any of the so called top dog foods on the market.
Ensuring you are feeding your dog healthy dog food is number one consideration. We don’t want to expose our dog to any nasty chemicals or artificial preservatives, so where possible, try and feed your dog food sourced from natural sources.

Even though it may be natural, that doesn’t mean it is good dog food. Make sure the label on the food clearly states what type of meat or protein source the food is from.  If a food product has meat sources that you cannot identify then it is probably a good idea to avoid that food for your dog.

On the back of natural food sources, it goes without saying that the best dog food does not have any artificial colours or preservatives of any kind. We want our dogs to be healthy and feeding our dogs things we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves is not a good idea. Artificial preservatives can become toxic to your pet after long term use so be sure to check any preservatives are from vitamins C or E.

The quality of your dog food is also important. Puppies need around 20% protein in their daily food intake, with adult dogs needing about 18%. A further 25% - 50% should come from natural fat sources so your dog has the energy for any physical exertion required during their day. Any top dog food should be close to this protein to fat ratios for you to consider feeding them to your dog.

The final piece to your dog food puzzle is of course carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are not essential to your dog’s nutritional needs as they can derive all their requirements from the protein and fats in their diet. There is some research to support some carbohydrates in the diet of pregnant dogs, however, it is not definitive enough for a recommended daily intake to be made available.

We all want the best for our dogs and the best dog foods we can find. Sourcing companies with a strong reputation for quality ingredients and foods sourced from natural, hormone free protein sources should have your dog leading a happy and healthy life.

Ensuring your dog food choices adhere to the suggestions made in this article and always keeping an eye on the ingredient list should mean you never have anything to worry about when it comes to the quality of the food you are feeding your dog.