What You Need To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd

The German Shepherd (GSD) Dog is a comparatively large, energetic, and extra active dog with a beautiful double coat. It sheds the coat year round and the far can be more, especially during the spring and fall. However, the amount of far shed differs from one black German shepherd to the next.

If you don’t mind this fact, then you are good to go looking for the GSD from a reputed breeder. Ideally, the black German shepherds were developed to be a service dog, especially herding. Therefore, a GSD is expected to be a working line of dogs with a much stronger character than its counterpart breed of dogs. Energy and power is greater in some German shepherds than in others.

Mature GSDs are loving, protective, loyal and extremely intelligent. However, this breed of dogs can be destructive, exhaustive to have if not trained properly. Like others, the GSD requires training to thrive well in your home. Therefore, ensure to be a dog’s leader by enrolling into a course and be ready to socialize your German shepherd dog.

Exposure to different people and situations can greatly help your dog develop into a confident pet. It is important to observe routine care such as brushing its teeth, trimming the nails every week, cleaning its ears, and brushing its coat daily. If something is not right, always call a trainer or a behaviorist to assist you handle the situation before it gets out of hand.