Allergy-Free Desserts (Book) - US & Canada

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #1 - US

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #2 - US

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #3 - US

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #4 - US

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #5 - US

Beloit College Vegan Sweet Treats #6 - US

Brushes (EcoTool) - US

Nail Polish (butter London) - US

Hair Wax (Aveda) - US & Canada

LipSticks (English Version) - US & Canada

LipSticks (Version Française) - US & Canada

Make-Up (Zuzu) - US & Canada

Mandarin Ginger Lily Soap (Kiss My Face) - US

Où aller au nord-ouest de Manhattan/Where to go in upper westside Manhattan - US

Vampire Red Hair-Dye (Manic Panic) - US


Biscoff Cookies (Airplane), Delta Airline

Trip to the US

When You Forget To Tell That You’re Vegan.

Toronto Time Is Over


Açai & Pomegranate Coconut Water (Vita Coco) - US

Alternative Baking Company Inc. (Brand) - US

Baked Chips (Lay’s) - US

Brown « Rice Thins » Crackers (Sesmark) - US

Caramel Sweet Treats (Reads Home Made Candies) - US

Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl Soypudding (Zen Soy) - US

Crème filled Wafer Cookies Wheat-Free Dairy-Free (Newman’s Own Organic) - US

Cupcake Lemon Macadamia (Tami-Yami) - US

Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts (Bushel and Peck’s) - US

Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Late July Organic) - US

Eden’s Garden Natural Foods (Cookies) - US

Email Oréos (Kraft Nabisco) - US

Enjoy Life (Bars) - US

Gluten-Free Biscuit Mix (Namaste Food) - US

Gluten Free Breads (Food For Life) - US

Harvest Grain Granola (Whole Foods Market) - US

Live (Desserts) - Canada

Marinated Tempeh Sesame Garlic (Tofurky) - US

Mixed Nuts (Bushel & Peck’s) - US

Mozzarella (Vegan Gourmet) - US

Nana’s (Cookies) - US

NuGo Nutrition (Brand) - US

Onion Flatbread Raw Cracker (The Living Cuisine) - US

Oréos (Kraft Nabisco) - US

Organic Baked Tofu Savory Flavor (Trader Joe’s) - US

Original (Mary’s Gone Crackers) - US

Original Soy Milk (Natura) - Canada

Pancake Mix (El Peto Products) - Canada

Pineapple, Mango and Jicana Salsa (Whole Foods Market) - US

Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Turtle Mountain) - US

Purely Decadent Turtle Trails Ice Cream (Turtle Mountain) - US

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies (Andrean Dream Quinoa) - US

Raw Organic Food Bar (Protein Bars) - US

Rice Crispy (Olivia’s Kitchen) - Canada

Rice Crisps (Riceworks) - US

Sandwich Cremes Chocolate (Country Choice Organic) - US

So Delicious Coconut Yogurt (Turtle Moutain) - US

*soft baked* Chocolate Chip Cookies (Enjoy Life) - US

Soy Chorizo (Trader Joe’s) - US

Soy Fruit Yogurts (Wholesoy & Cie) - US

Soy Yogurts (Wildwood) - US

Soy Yogurt (Yoso) - Canada

Soyaki Sauce (Trader Joe’s) - US

Sweets From The Earth (Bakery) - Canada

Swirlz Cupcakes (Bakery/Brand) - US

The Simply Bar (Protein Bars) - Canada

Triple Ginger Cookies (Back To Nature) - US

Unsweetened Original Tempt Hempmilk (Living Harvest) - US

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookie (Erin’s Baker) - US

Vegan Chocolate Mousse (Whole Foods Market) - US

Vegan & Gluten Free Choco/Nuts Pie (Sweet Treat - Urban Herbivore) - Canada

Vegan Tamale (Whole Foods Market) - US & Canada

Vegetable Brown Rice Crackers (Edward & Sons) - US

Very Vanilla / Chocolate (Silk Soymilk) - US

Yogurt-Style Non-Dairy Food (Trader Joe’s) - US


Babycake (Bakery) - US (New York, NY)

Beans & Barley (Cafe/Restaurant) - US (Milwaukee, WI)

Cafe Viva (Pizzeria) - US (New York, NY)

Candle Cafe (Brand & Restaurant) - US (New York & Chicago)

Chicago Diner EN (Restaurant) - US (Chicago, IL)

Chicago Diner FR (Restaurant) - US (Chicago, IL)

Commensal (Restaurant) - Canada (Toronto)

Elixir Cafe & Lounge (Restaurant) - US (Las Vegas, NV)

Fresh (Restaurant) - Canada (Toronto)

Green Bean Cafe (Restaurant/Cafe) - US (New York, NY)

Jamba Juice (Smoothie & Juice Bar) - US

Prasad at Yoga Pearl (Restaurant/Cafe) - US (Portland, OR)

Rawlicious (Restaurant) - Canada (Toronto)

Sweetpea Baking Cie (Vegan Bakery) - US (Portland, OR)

The Big Carrot Organic Juice Bar (Cafe) - Canada (Toronto)

The Coffee Cup (Cafe) - Canada (Toronto)

Urban Herbivore (Cafe) - Canada (Toronto)

Whole Food Market (97th Street, NYC) - US & Canada


Bloor Street (Stores) - Canada (Toronto)

Bushel & Peck’s (Organic Food Store) - US (Beloit, WI)

Choices Natural Market (Organic Store) - US (Rockford, IL)

Grace Root (Ethical Store) - Canada (Toronto)

Herbivore Clothing + Food Fight (Vegan Clothing Store & Grocery Store) - US (Portland, OR)

Kramer’s Health Food (Store & Cafe) - US (Chicago, IL)

Panacea (All-Vegan Store) - Canada (Toronto)

Pop Deluxe! (Gifts & Accessories Shop) - US (Madison, WI)

The Big Carrot (Store & Cafe) - Canada (Toronto)