Best Dog Toys For A Husky

Husky owners look for quality interactive dog toys that are tough enough to hold up to the chewing power of this breed.  Since Huskies are destructive chewers, they need toys that are durable and strong.  This breed is also very clever and easily bored so toys need to be interesting and challenging to keep their attention.

Some materials just cannot withstand the gnawing jaws of a determined Husky.  Plush and stuffed toys are inexpensive but easily destroyed.  It only takes minutes for a playful Husky to rip the toy apart and yank out the stuffing, leaving a fluffy mess strewn around the house.  Vinyl and latex toys may last a little longer, but a Husky can ripe them apart quickly.  Some of these toys have squeakers or other noise makers to make them more interesting, which often leads to a quicker demise.

The best dog toys for powerful chewers are made of hard rubber which is incredibly durable, non-toxic and safe when purchased from a reputable dog toy manufacturer.  Kong is one of the best-known makers of durable chew toys for dogs and they offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and even toughnesses in their toys.  Some Kong toys can be stuffed with food or treats for additional mental and physical stimulation which is ideal for a Husky.  Starmark, JW Pet Products and West Paw also make cool dog toys that are durable, safe and fun.

Some Huskies prefer plush toys for playing, tugging, or snuggling.  This creates a dilemma for the owner since most plush toys are quickly and easily destroyed.  Several reputable manufacturers make plush toys that are specifically designed for powerful chewers like Huskies.  Tuffy makes durable and unique plush dog toys that are assigned a toughness rating between one and ten.  All Tuffy toys are made of high-quality materials, machine washable and able to float in water.  Some even come with squeakers for added enjoyment.  Kong and Outward Hound also make durable plush toys that will stand up to a Husky.  These tough plush toys are meant for playing not chewing, so they will eventually get destroyed if chewed on.

Cotton rope toys are highly durable and safe for a Husky to chew, toss or tug.  Rope toys can have multiple knots for chewing and brightly colored strands for visual interest.  Some even have scents or flavors to make them more attractive to dogs.  Longer lengths are great for tugging between two or more dogs.  Since rope toys shed fibers, it’s a good idea to cut off frayed sections and re-knot the toy periodically to prolong its life.  Mammoth makes a variety of soft, yet durable, knotted ropes and rope toys that are great for destructive chewers like Huskies.

Save money by shopping for dog toys online at places like Amazon and Chewy which offer a large selection of durable dog toys.  Since no toy is completely indestructible, and a dog can easily swallow or choke on small pieces, supervision is important with any toy.