Are You Excited About Getting A German Shepherd?

So you have decided to get a German shepherd (GSD)_dog. You and your family are perhaps excited because of the good things you’ve heard about this breed of dogs. The GSD has featured in many films and real life situations as rescue partners, police dogs and herders, stories that make this breed very popular. The GSDs are a wonderful breed to have at home, but failure to consider several things can be frustrating both to you and to the pet.

Puppies look cuddly and cute, but they can grow into an enormous size. Depending on the genetics make up of the dog, an average GSD can weigh up to 120 pounds. However, this doesn’t mean that a large black German shepherd dog cannot thrive in a small apartment even though they like running around and trying out what they are capable of doing. Originally bred to be working dogs, the black German shepherds have bundles of energy.

It means that to maintain the size and energy of a black German shepherd, they should be fed well. Consider if you have the capacity to feed it properly since being a dog, it eats a lot of food. They are known to be versatile dogs ever with the ability to protect. Although the GSD has been known for many years to be a one-man dog, it can get along with virtually every member of the family spreading its loyalty across. However, they are always suspicious of strangers and they will stay keen before they get along with them.