3 Amazing Traits Of Black German Shepherds

If you are considering getting a black German Shepherd as a family pet, you may be wondering about the general temperament of the breed. From curiosity to loyalty, here are three amazing traits of a German Shepherd dog and what he can bring into your humble abode…


Black German Shepherds are highly intelligent creatures. This is one of the main reasons that they are chosen as police and service dogs. They can be trained to do almost anything within reason and if you take the time to teach your German Shepherd, he will gladly reciprocate with service. He is at his best and most comfortable when he has a job to do.


This breed is made up of naturally curious creatures… which also plays into their high intelligence levels. They enjoy exploring backyards, their homes and just about anything that peaks their wonderment.


One of the most loyal breeds around, this breed will be your friend for life. If you are looking for a dog who knows he is yours, love you beyond reason and never leaves your side… this is the dog for you.

If you are still on the fence, remember, German Shepherds make great pets and even better friends… which is, perhaps, their best trait of all.